10 things you need to know when signing up at a gym

  1. How long is the contract? Some gyms try and put you into an 18 month fixed term, a rolling monthly contract or pay-as-you-go. We can put you in a “pay as you go” or a 12 month lifestyle contract at a lower rate,  after the 12 month it goes month to month for the same low rate.
  2. How long does the gym need to cancel a contract. 30 days is the normal practise just so banking and bookkeeping can be done. If a gym needs more time then it is a stall tactic to try and get more money out of you. We ask 3 weeks.
  3. What is a “gym maintenance fee”? Some gyms will charge a hidden fee for paying for and maintaining equipment. This is a cash grab and Ladies Only will never charge this fee.
  4. Does the gym give you prices over the phone or over emails? This is a sales tactic to get you to come in and then you feel obligated to sign up. This should be a warning for you stay away from this gym. We have nothing to hide at Ladies Only, ask and we will tell you exactly what a membership costs. As low as $34 tax included and always free classes, showers, parking.
  5. What are cancellation fees? Some gyms will have a prorated fee based on your contracted monthly fee compared to a pay as you go fee. So if you are saving $20 when locked in an 18 month contract the cancellation fee will be $20 for every month left on your contract ( 12 x $20 =$240). We charge $100 for the first year only, after 12 months you pay $0.
  6. Read the small print in the contract, if it looks suspicious then it probably is.
  7. Are group classes included in the monthly fee? Not all do and will charge extra for classes, some have a virtual terminal (boring). We have real instructors sweating alongside you.
  8. Does the gym seem more interested in your money or your well being. At the end of the day, pick a gym that’s got an  atmosphere you love and will help support you in your fitness goals. There’s no harm in being choosy”after all, this is a big investment in yourself”
  9. Ask around first before you sign up, word of mouth is very important in your gym search.
  10. Does the gym look clean, a clean gym is a perfect example of a great gym. Not only do staff clean up, members who appreciate their gym respect it and keep it looking that way. Ladies Only prides itself with being the cleanest gym around.